The Atlantean Source Codes is a creative and spiritual project that includes a deck of 44 cards, each featuring a unique design and energetic vibration. They represent channeled frequencies here to help us shake off old programming, and awaken to new possibilities. Only a few decks have been printed so far. More coming in 2019!

Sample Readings

Vortices, Emergence, Starseeds

The Vortices card kicks the week off reminding you that a great many possibilities are swirling around you at all times. The way you carry yourself in the world at this time can have long term effects.

Be extra present as this week kicks off. Act rather than react, and step into each moment as the new-and-present you rather than the old ghost of who you’ve been.

The midweek card is Emergence, giving you the heads up that some of those start-of-the-week potentialities may take form midweek. This may or may not be noticeable, so keep an eye out for new arrivals in your energy field. This could be new people, animals, or opportunities showing up seemingly out of nowhere, but trust that this has been brewing all along.

The Starseeds card shows up as you move into the weekend to ask you to accept who and what you truly are. If you’re feeling pressure to participate in activities that do not resonate with you, this card helps remind you that you have the option to opt out, without shame or the need to explain yourself.

When you honor and deeply accept your true self, your gifts are activated. Your gifts are gifts that the whole world receives. Your gifts help to bridge dimensions. Your gifts can help to shift reality itself and change timelines. Despite what they are capable of, only you can honor, hone, and unlock them — when the time is right. Until then, great care is required.

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Atlantis, West, Energy

Hidden portals and gateways may be available to you at the start of the week. Be centered, stable, and at peace in order to be able to detect them. What you’re looking for here is info from sources beyond your usual range. Midweek – the West card is about endings here and moving through them with energy, persistence, and confidence. Pay special attention to loops and cycles coming to a close in the middle of the week. As you enter into the weekend, the Energy card shows up to remind you to look beyond the mere appearance of things. Remember that everything is energy. Meditate on your purpose. What feeds your soul? Clarify, clarify, clarify because coherent energy fields are more effective in all that they do.

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West, Cactus, Centered

Start the week off by wrapping up any loose ends from last week! That will free energy up for you, as mid-week could feel bumpy at times. The weekend yields opportunities for connecting and reconnecting in meaningful ways with others.

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As a Coach, Integrative Chakra Therapy® Practitioner, and Artist, I have been helping clients ignite inner wisdom and healing since 2012.

Channeling, traveling, marking art, and healing work — in one form or another — have been with me since early childhood. All that I do involves continuous integration and learning from previous incarnations, along with active communication with my soul collective.

Read what a few of Roger’s clients have said about his channeling and energy healing work.


Expect to be wowed and walk away with a long-term resource of tremendous value, both spiritually and pragmatically. I can’t recommend the transception sessions or Roger more highly.

– Rachel White


I’ll just say I was blown away with how I felt after my session with Roger… He was really able to interpret my energy in a way I’ve never experienced.

– Julianne C


I do love the Elk – I needed to hear what they had to share – thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Anne C., SF Bay Area

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