About the Atlantean Source Codes

These words reference a few different things, including this project, the cards, and the codes themselves.

The Cards — Atlantean Source Codes is a creative and spiritual project that I have undertaken to design, develop, and share a number of decks of cards. The cards are not intended to be used for divination or predictions. Rather, they are intended to be used to help awaken one’s intuition on all levels. Even if you think you are very intuitive and psychic, there is always more. More ways to focus. More energies that can be tapped into. More awareness available. The cards are intended to assist, support, encourage, and inspire readers of all types.

The Atlantean Source Codes Themselves — this is a far more mysterious topic.

In many ways, this project is making it easier for me to access and integrate non-linear, multidimensional memories and information. Whether or not the Codes exist in any objective way, I cannot be sure.

Where Did the Atlantean Source Codes Come From?

For me personally, the phrase “Atlantean Source Codes” came to me on a run during the early summer days of 2018. My mind was rather clear. I was simply pondering the question “what’s next for me in life”? That’s when the words came to me.

This would have been interesting, perhaps, if more information had followed. But it didn’t. That was all that popped into my mind. Seemingly out of nowhere.

My natural reaction was “what?”. What does that mean? What am I supposed to do with that?

I felt a response. I would translate that response as “work with them and you’ll see”. At the time, I was focusing on leading people in meditation, so I assumed this is how they would come forward. But they never did manifest in that way.

Instead, I discovered that the artwork I was making was part of the puzzle. I was already making work that I was thinking about producing as a type of Oracle deck. Only after the first proof did I realize… the cards!

They can act as instruments and keys… they can help me tap into the Codes.

Ok, I’m making that sound way more linear and logical than it actually was. This is what we do when we try to make sense out of things that don’t fit a linear way of thinking. So to be clear, it’s never been completely clear.

For something to be clear, we need to have structures within our minds against which we can measure that which we are perceiving. The codes are here to introduce new structures. And to disrupt the old ones.

The codes themselves, if they exist objectively at all, feel ancient and yet completely new. Their paradoxical nature helps open the mind, preparing it for the unfoldment of the information shared. 

They may be seen as seeds in the energy field for us to take in, if we choose. In so doing, we nourish and nurture our inner nature.

This is what I understand at this time. I’m learning more every day, with each reading.

This is a journey that is a joy and honor to share.

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