January 11, 2019

Atlantean Source Codes Daily Reading

  1. Today’s Message
  2. Source: Cocoon
  3. Present: Fox
  4. Future: Heartfulness

The Message

With so much awesome, inner work behind you, maybe it’s time to take the new you out for a test drive? Consider spreading your wings, and getting out for a taste of life this weekend.

Mystical Fox energy shows up to help you see through trickery and agendas. It brings healing, humor, and magic your way so you can stay ahead of the game.

Be aware, things can feel intense at times, like you’re playing the odds with a big bet on the table. Do your best to see beyond the appearances, and into the energy of all of the various situations around you. This is not about you, but you can still make the most of things for the journey ahead.

And what about the future? The Heartfulness card suggests that you’ll be well served to move more and more into a very balanced, holistic way of seeing the world. Look for ways to quiet the mind, while healing and strengthening the heart center.

Learning to trust your intuition is not a practice of ignoring your analytical side, but much more so about bringing all of your senses and abilities into integrated, balanced, holistic service.

If you encounter chaotic or confusing times ahead, pull your awareness back into your heart center, and allow yourself to feel the messages that are there waiting for you. This is your Source and your direction. Then, allow the mind to help you solve the practical problems that arise from that.

Connecting deeply with your heart center also has a way of ensuring you remain connected to the matrix of life energy that surrounds you.

Even if you fear that you are perhaps being selfish, this is never so. The Universe wants to sense what you feel and hear what you want. Only you can tap into that energy, and send out the signals from your heart. Trust that your heart is always, and in all ways, already in alignment with the flow of life itself.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”

Helen Keller

How to Read the Cards

First, bring to mind a particular challenge or goal. Then, take note of what you receive or feel as you look at the cards, their designs, colors, and the words that go with them. This is more important than any of the words that follow here!

These cards represent frequencies here to help us bump up the volume on our internal dials of intuition. To help us overcome the limitations of our programming - in this and all prior lifetimes on this planet. They are here to help us think of our lives in new ways, to consider new pathways, and to allow expanded opportunities for ourselves individually - and collectively!

Source – Cocoon

Keywords and Themes

Retreating to safety, preparation, healing, re-energizing, pulling inward, a time before great transformation and evolution.


You are coming out of a time of inner healing and transformation. You’ve been revitalized in ways you may not yet realize or understand. This will become clearer as you step out into the world.

If you feel stuck or hesitant to move ahead, clear away the lens of old beliefs. Remind yourself that a new you will have new experiences in the world. Even more so, a revitalized and transformed you helps to create a new world.

You may also hesitate due to having experienced a deeper connection with self in recent days and weeks. This can be a wonderful experience. Know that you can find ways to move forward without losing or weakening that connection.

Be sure to cultivate daily practices that help you stay connected. Listen deeply with a quiet mind.

Present – Fox

Keywords and Themes

Astral guide, adaptable and responsive, magical gifts, cunning, pouncing (especially on prey), opportunistic, a misunderstood hero – or a sneaky scoundrel, mystical, sacred creature, can bring either wonder or ruin, night work – literal or dreamtime, seeing through illusion.

Present / Unseen Gifts

Unlike your typical woodland fox, this is an Astral Fox. It can help you navigate other dimensions, and see through the trickery and agendas of forces that may not have your best interests at heart.

Fox energy shows up to help you move past illusions in your current projects, work, and relationships.  It brings healing, humor, and magic to assist you in moving through times of unpredictability.

Trust the Fox medicine to give you a much-needed boost so that you can forego your usual comforts in order to find footing in new domains.

Be open to new pathways opening up around you.

Future – Heartfulness

Keywords and Themes

Emotions, trust, inner-knowing, center, sacred, purity, empathy, compassion, connection to others and to all life, symmetry, balance, holistic, intuitive and creative thinking vs analytical, Soul, sensitivity, Anahata/ heart chakra, wholeness.

Future - Heartfulness

Keywords & Themes

Emotions, trust, inner-knowing, center, purity, compassion, connection to all life, symmetry, balance, holistic and intuitive thinking, Soul.

Future Paths

Cultivate deeper and deeper trust in your emotional guidance system, your Soul, and in your connections to life itself. 

How might your future path may be constrained if you allow yourself to remain inside the small box that the analytical parts of your mind try to stay in? It judges all things and other people, as a matter of habit, mostly in order to keep you safe and to avoid pain.

The holistic side of you can see the whole picture all at once. It’s an experience vs a thought. This part of you can see pain in context, and because of that – it can lift you out of fear energy.

Be present, develop heart/mind balancing practices, reduce multi-tasking. Process grief and cry when you feel the need. Don’t attach to the sadness. Be in your body. Get grounded. Bring your energy down into your center.

Give and receive more hugs!

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