January 6, 2019

Atlantean Source Codes Daily Reading

  1. Today’s Message
  2. Source: Cocoon
  3. Present: Indigo
  4. Future: Guide

The Message

Look at how these images layout! From Cocoon into the transformative beauty of what looks like a sort of astral butterfly, and on into the form of a Guide.

It’s funny that just yesterday, we had the Cocoon card in present placement. So all that deep inner work? Well, good thing you did it if you could, because it’s already time to pick up and move on.

I’m sticking with the theme of big changes here. The Guide card is saying that you’re moving into either a time of travel through the unknown, or towards a time of guiding others more and more. Of course, even the latter is its own sort of unknown territory too!

So what about today? Today is a great day to really enjoy the Indigo energy present within. This energy knows how to see and embrace the truly new in the world. Don’t get tempted into daydreams today. You’ll want to keep your feet on the ground and stay present and aware so you can welcome and receive the new energies showing up in your life today.

Beyond that, the best way to prepare for what’s ahead is to spend a little time truly honoring yourself and the journey you’ve been on to reach this point in time. Doing this now will help ground you for the shifts that are on the way.

If something completely unexpected and awesome happens today — send me a message. I’d love to hear about it!

Today’s Affirmation: “I Am Enjoying This Amazing Journey That Is My Life. I Am Grateful for Everything That Has Come Before, As I Look Forward to All That Is yet to Be.”

How to Read the Cards

First, bring to mind a particular challenge or goal. Then, take note of what you receive or feel as you look at the cards, their designs, colors, and the words that go with them. This is more important than any of the words that follow here!

These cards represent frequencies here to help us bump up the volume on our internal dials of intuition. To help us overcome the limitations of our programming - in this and all prior lifetimes on this planet. They are here to help us think of our lives in new ways, to consider new pathways, and to allow expanded opportunities for ourselves individually - and collectively!

Source – Cocoon

Keywords and Themes

Retreating to safety, preparation, healing, re-energizing, pulling inward, a time before great transformation and evolution.


You are coming out of a time of inner healing and transformation. You’ve been revitalized in ways you may not yet realize or understand. This will become clearer as you step out into the world.

If you feel stuck or hesitant to move ahead, clear away the lens of old beliefs. Remind yourself that a new you will have new experiences in the world. Even more so, a revitalized and transformed you helps to create a new world.

You may also hesitate due to having experienced a deeper connection with self in recent days and weeks. This can be a wonderful experience. Know that you can find ways to move forward without losing or weakening that connection.

Be sure to cultivate daily practices that help you stay connected. Listen deeply with a quiet mind.

Present – Indigo

Keywords and Themes

Ajna / 6th chakra, 3rd eye, Love-wisdom, multidimensional perception / intuition, breaking meaningless rules, following inner guidance, creative destruction, making way for the new.

Present / Unseen Gifts

If you are feeling grounded and stable, the Indigo card can be an indication that you are in a time when things may need a bit of a shaking up. Try taking new vs familiar routes today, for example. Come at old conflicts in new ways. Turn the puzzle around to see it in a new light.

The unseen gift of your day is that new and unexpected energies are showing up in your life today. Be present and aware so that you can welcome them in.

Indigo energy can easily send you into daydreams your heard, or even astral travel to distant star systems. Today is a day to keep your feet on the ground because you’ll want to be here for the show!

Future – Guide

Keywords and Themes

Alien, new paradigm, travel – physical or spiritual, visitation, expanded awareness, change, assistance and support, perception, clearing the way. 

Future Paths

The Guide card in future placement could be a sign that you’ll literally be taking a trip soon, or may somehow find yourself travelling through unfamiliar territory geographically or metaphorically. Guide energy shows up to let you know that you’ll have the support needed for things to go well.

If you’ve been on a healing and learning journey already for some time, the Guide card can also mean that you’re moving into a place where you will be guiding others.

This isn’t an invitation to plan or worry. It’s a signal to honor yourself, honor the journey you’ve been on. Your Guides here suggest a moment of pause to take it all in before the next wave of events kick into motion.

Now would be a great time to journal about some of your life experiences. No matter who shows up asking you for assistance, you’ll want to stay grounded in what makes you uniquely you.

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