January 10, 2019

Atlantean Source Codes Daily Reading

  1. Today’s Message
  2. Source: East
  3. Present: Emissary
  4. Future: Moon

The Message

Recent readings have all been pointing to the changes that are happening, and more that are coming. Today’s reading suggests that the more you can be in the magic of the moment, the more your Soul will grow through these changes.

The alternative, of course, is to get caught up in the mind trying to figure it all out. But to what end? What does that really get you?

The East card shows up let you know it’s OK to forget the past, and let go of the old energies smudging the lens of your perceptions. The very fact that you are worried about making the same old mistakes is evidence in itself that you’ve learned and changed.

This is a new world you are moving into.

Emissary energy wants you to be on the lookout for new energies or messages in your midst. Also be open to the calling to be a conduit yourself. Spirit talks through us all of the time.

Don’t get hung up on the details. If the urge hits to say something, trust that there’s a reason and just say it. This sends a signal that you are aligned with Source and paying attention. It keeps the energy flowing.

Your future paths are lit by magical, silvery moonlight. Look at what situations are appearing in your life that represent a mystery to you. Tread carefully as you entertain the known vs unknowns of this situation.

Moon energy asks you to learn how to simply be present with the magic. There’s a time and place for logical, analytical thinking, and “getting to the bottom” of things.

Likewise, there’s a time and a place to let things be whole and complete, just as they are, even if aspects of those people, relationships, and situations remain hidden from your view.

Learn to be more and more in the magic of your own unique life moments so that you can make the most of what is presented to you.

Everything is happening now. You have all of the time in the world.

How to Read the Cards

First, bring to mind a particular challenge or goal. Then, take note of what you receive or feel as you look at the cards, their designs, colors, and the words that go with them. This is more important than any of the words that follow here!

These cards represent frequencies here to help us bump up the volume on our internal dials of intuition. To help us overcome the limitations of our programming - in this and all prior lifetimes on this planet. They are here to help us think of our lives in new ways, to consider new pathways, and to allow expanded opportunities for ourselves individually - and collectively!

Source – East

Keywords & Themes

Yellow, birth, spring, new beginnings, spiritual, air element, communication, Eagle and Rabbit, trust, compassion, Celestite & Citrine, waxing moon, morning / sunrise, seeing things as they really are, time for prayer and meditation.


You may be moving out of a time of spiritual reawakening, reconnecting with deeper parts of yourself, and your collective. This can be confusing because it can lead to paradoxical feelings of being both old and yet renewed at the same time.

If you are hesitating with next steps in your career or relationship, it may be because this part of you doesn’t want to relive past mistakes. Know that this is a good sign that you are far more awakened and aware than last time around, and that no matter how familiar the sensations, this is a new day in a new world. Shake off old energies to allow new light to shine on your situation.

Present – Emissary

Keywords & Themes

Sent forth, new / unfamiliar energy, peace & harmony, promoting peace in war-torn areas, resolving conflict, outside energy, messenger, ambassador, representative, agent of change.

Present / Unseen Gifts

New or unfamiliar energy may be in your midst today. Be aware, not only of this new energy but also of how you feel about it. How it touches and moves you.

To demonstrate good will, consider looking for ways to move through your day in more peaceful and harmonious ways than usual.

Be on the lookout for an unexpected message of some kind, for you or through you to someone else. If you feel inspired to say something, for no reason at all, just say it.

There’s a much grander design at work in your life than you typically allow yourself to see. Today is a wonderful day to pause and affirm this for yourself, even if you feel great change is upon you.

Future – Moon

Keywords and Themes

Cycles of time, in and out breath, light and dark, big goals, mask vs true self, loneliness, being understood and/or misunderstood, alien, in between human and alien, gateway to the stars, one part of a triunity (earth, moon, and the sun), revealing truth, disclosure, travel, feminine energy, water element, silver.

Future Paths

The history of the human relationship to the moon runs deep and is filled with mystical stories. But what does the future of the moon hold in store for humanity?

Moon energy shows up here to ask you to consider what it is you are truly desiring for your life, especially in regards to truth, disclosure, and mystery. By design, there is an interplay between truth and mystery, where each creates cravings for the other.

What are you moving through or towards that presents to you this same tension between truth and mystery? If you push too hard to know too much too soon, you risk losing the magic.

In the times ahead, consider how to might want to cultivate greater appreciation for the mysteries of your life. How can you learn to be more and more in the magic, versus caught up in the mind, trying to untangle its misperceptions?

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