January 8, 2019

Atlantean Source Codes Daily Reading

  1. Today’s Message
  2. Source: Vortices
  3. Present: West
  4. Future: Goat

The Message

Today’s reading once again hints at new heights in your future. For those drawn to these readings, this means you’ll have grander vistas and viewpoints opening up to you. You’ll climb up so you can see and experience more, not simply to have more.

This is important because it will help you focus and stay on track, which may be needed if you are feeling like you are either stuck or coming out of chaotic times right now.

Remember that there are always abundant choices available to you. The key is to balance openness on the one hand with focus on the other. You want to be open to and aware of all that is available, and yet focused enough to manifest the stepping stones you’ll want to cross through iffy territory.

The now is all about a time of harvesting energy. Take a little time to be in a place of joy regarding a project or job well done. Allow this energy and joy to help restore your confidence in yourself.

If you’re feeling drained or out of balance in any way, be particularly aware of how deep your emotions may be running at this time. Better to check in with yourself up front than to have your passions carry you in directions that do not serve your long terms interests.

Regarding the future paths, the Goat card in today’s reading puts a new twist on the same new heights as the Lotus card from yesterday’s reading. In contrast to Lotus energy, the Goat card suggests that you proceed with sure-footedness, tenacity, and curiosity.

You may even find it helpful to tap into your playful and sexy nature to assist you in the journey.

“Patience and tenacity are worth more than twice their weight of cleverness.”

Thomas Huxley

How to Read the Cards

First, bring to mind a particular challenge or goal. Then, take note of what you receive or feel as you look at the cards, their designs, colors, and the words that go with them. This is more important than any of the words that follow here!

These cards represent frequencies here to help us bump up the volume on our internal dials of intuition. To help us overcome the limitations of our programming - in this and all prior lifetimes on this planet. They are here to help us think of our lives in new ways, to consider new pathways, and to allow expanded opportunities for ourselves individually - and collectively!

Source – Vortices

Keywords & Themes

Water, wind, or flame – twirling, turning, changing, unknowns, probabilities, energy in motion, potentialities, manifestations, out of the void, multiple timelines / dimensions.


Have you been feeling confused or overwhelmed by what has been happening around you lately? You may be coming out of a place where overlapping timelines synced up, major manifestations or perhaps even literal / physical storms have occurred.

Even when these events happen behind the scenes, they tend to create dizzying after affects as the energy bodies adjust to the new course being plotted by the higher self.

To get clear again, look for ways to set aside time dedicated to reconnecting with your inner being.

Present – West

Keywords and Themes

Black, adult (elder), fall, intellectual, water element, emotions and psyche, source of water, Bear and Rooster, confidence, business, energy, persistence, Labrodite & Lapis Lazuli, sage, waning moon, dusk, end of life / end of a cycle or phase.

Present / Unseen Gifts

The paradox of this card shows up when you contrast Bear energy against Rooster energy. What is happening in your current situation that might call for you to go one route or the other?

Either way, you could be in a time of harvest regarding work or recent projects. Enjoy the benefits of a job well done before putting it to rest and moving on.

Whether it’s at work or in relationships, this is also a time to be aware of how deep your emotions may be running. Better to check in with yourself up front than to have your passions carry you in directions that do not serve your long terms interests.

Future – Goat

Keywords and Themes

Curiosity, confidence, accomplishment, sure-footed, balance, patience, faith, virility, attaining great heights, new beginnings, new heights, willful, tenacious, territorial, believe in yourself, success ahead, balance, respect, and peace, yang energy, symbol of vitality, sexuality, and health.

Future Paths

New heights and accomplishment await you on the road ahead. To reach your destination, channel Goat energy to move fearlessly, tap into your ambitions, and remain ever curious as you follow your intuition forward.

The Goat card also shows up to remind you to believe in yourself no matter what the odds, and no matter what others think of you. The mantra of this Atlantean Goat is “where there’s a will there’s a way”.

Use your will to focus your energy on the path ahead, and a way forward will appear. Proceed in balance with your environment, and remain curious about and aware of shifts that take place as you go.


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