January 21, 2019

Atlantean Source Codes Daily Reading

  1. Today’s Message
  2. Source: West
  3. Present: North
  4. Future: Heartfulness

The Message

Change and transformation have been showing up a lot lately in the third card, which is a sign of future paths. Well, the story shifts with today’s reading! We have two of the cardinal direction cards today, West and North showing up in source and present placement. This is a sign of major movement, like the hands of the clock ticking over to a new day in your life story.

West signals the need to really process and let go of your past stories, people, and places. Know that they’ll always be with you. Then, let go so that newer energies can enter the scene.

If you’re feeling drained, or lacking energy in any way, do what you can to be in your body and to be really present.

You want to be here now because the now is where it’s all at! New beginnings are upon you, inside and out. Be open to the magic and mystery that surrounds you. Be open to the prosperity coming your way!

Your future paths are opening you up to a time of feeling ever more connected to life, your planet, and those around you – physically and non-physically.

Keep building trust in your emotional guidance system, which helps you feel your way forward in life. If you bump into barriers, consider how they are simply manifestations of old fears and grief, and do the work needed to process these energies.

Call upon the unconditional love of the All That Is to pour through you, clearing you of all blockages – healing your heart and all energy systems as it removes old, unneeded energy from your organs, blood, bones, and all tissues of your physical body.

Imagine all that old energy being replaced by pure, life energy.

Green is the color often associated with the Anahata, the heart chakra. In eastern medicine, green is also the color of energy that helps heal the liver. Consider how the word liver is a form of the word live. You are one who lives, connected to all of life. In order to live most fully, you must continually cleanse yourself of old energies, including grief and sadness.

In your meditations, envision a beautiful, living, green light-energy sweeping through your whole body, healing your heart, clearing your liver, and restoring balance to all systems.

In the days and weeks ahead, simply expand your awareness to see the whole picture that is unfolding, and remain in a peaceful, grounded place until the answers you need show up.

Affirm your trust that the perfect answers always show up at the perfect time, and enjoy the mysteries of life for all they are worth.

How to Read the Cards

First, bring to mind a particular challenge or goal. Then, take note of what you receive or feel as you look at the cards, their designs, colors, and the words that go with them. This is more important than any of the words that follow here!

These cards represent frequencies here to help us bump up the volume on our internal dials of intuition. To help us overcome the limitations of our programming - in this and all prior lifetimes on this planet. They are here to help us think of our lives in new ways, to consider new pathways, and to allow expanded opportunities for ourselves individually - and collectively!

Source – West

Keywords and Themes

Black, adult (elder), fall, intellectual, water element, emotions and psyche, source of water, Bear and Rooster, confidence, business, energy, persistence, Labrodite & Lapis Lazuli, sage, waning moon, dusk, end of life / end of a cycle or phase.


West in source placement can be about moving through endings, realizing that people and places will always be a part of you, and then fully letting go.

You may be lingering in memories or old energy. This can create all sorts of problems in your physical and emotional energy bodies.

Being too attached to “the way things were” creates dense blockages, making it hard for newer, livelier energies to enter. This can also result in you having overly emotional reactions to events transpiring around you. And like dominoes falling, that can lead to drained energy, and less confidence in work and relationships.

To remove blockages, cultivate practices that bring about physical and emotional balance, such as Qigong, Tai Chi, or Yoga. Or look for forms of meditation that are very grounding and balancing.

Work or play at being in your body in the here and now and things will come back into balance quickly.

Present – North

Keywords and Themes

Red, winter, death, North Star, introspection, prosperity magic, physical, earth / soil, home, security, Gnome, Dwarves and Trolls, Buffalo and Rat, adaptability, charm, Malachite & Moonstone, cedar, new moon, midnight, cleansing winds, patience and endurance, hardships and discomforts, trials.

Present / Unseen Gifts

The North card wants you to be aware that you are in a time of introspection, prosperity, and magic. Look for New Moon energy to be at work as well.

What does this all mean? It means that all around you on the energetic planes are new beginnings, fresh starts, and seemingly magical sources of prosperity and abundance.

How can you be even more in a place of wonder and awe at the mysteries, beauty, and unknowns at work in your life’s journey? This may require digging deep to clear away clutter of old, dead energy inside of you. But even those old energies may just up and leave as you choose to focus on the powerful energies of new beginnings already stirring in your inner and outer worlds.

Future – Heartfulness

Keywords and Themes

Emotions, trust, inner-knowing, center, sacred, purity, empathy, compassion, connection to others and to all life, symmetry, balance, holistic, intuitive and creative thinking vs analytical, Soul, sensitivity, Anahata/ heart chakra, wholeness.

Future - Heartfulness

You are entering a future of more connection and balance. The Heartfulness card shows up to affirm your heartful ways.

Cultivate deeper and deeper trust in your emotional guidance system, your Soul, and in your connections to life itself. Even if the world around you doesn’t seem to understand or value these things, you may benefit greatly from developing these abilities.

Also, the energy of grief and sadness are constricting to the heart area. Be sure to process old grief.

This card asks you to consider how your future path may be constrained if you allow yourself to remain inside the small box that the analytical parts of your mind try to stay in. Remember that your linear thinking self likes straight lines. It likes to see beginnings, middles, and ends. It judges all things and other people, as a matter of habit, mostly in order to keep you safe and to avoid pain.

The holistic side of you can see the whole picture all at once. It’s an experience vs a thought. This part of you can see pain in context, and because of that – it can lift you out of fear energy.

Your heart is a gateway to an emotional, visceral connection to life itself.

To increase probabilities of working with this energy, develop heart/mind balancing practices, along with ways to “get out of your head”. Process grief and cry when you feel the need. Don’t attach to the sadness. Be in your body. Get grounded. Bring your energy down into your center.

Give and receive more hugs!

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