Keywords and Themes

Black, adult (elder), fall, intellectual, water element, emotions and psyche, source of water, Bear and Rooster, confidence, business, energy, persistence, Labrodite & Lapis Lazuli, sage, waning moon, dusk, end of life / end of a cycle or phase.


Keywords and Themes

Red, winter, death, North Star, introspection, prosperity magic, physical, earth / soil, home, security, Gnome, Dwarves and Trolls, Buffalo and Rat, adaptability, charm, Malachite & Moonstone, cedar, new moon, midnight, cleansing winds, patience and endurance, hardships and discomforts, trials.


Keywords & Themes

Yellow, birth, spring, new beginnings, spiritual, air element, communication, Eagle and Rabbit, trust, compassion, Celestite & Citrine, waxing moon, morning / sunrise, seeing things as they really are, time for prayer and meditation.


Keywords & Themes

White, youth, summer, fire element, energy, passion, creativity, Wolf and Horse, physical strength, healthy, loyalty, Carnelian & Red Coral, sweet grass, full moon and high noon, White light, a time of warmth and growing.

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